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Hammered Steel vs Damascus Steel - North Rustic Knives

Hammered Steel vs Damascus Steel - North Rustic Knives

Hammered Steel vs Damascus Steel - North Rustic



Here at we offer our knife blades in two types / styles. Most popular is our Damascus Steel, which is a high carbon steel. This style is very appeals to look at and is a very strong blade. However, in the case of Hammered vs Damascus, this post is to discuss pros and cons of each style. Not to designs appeal to look at, but more the specifics of the blade material. When we compare the two steel types, most people will go for Damascus for the unrivaled beauty the blade offers. On the other hand, Damascus as mentioned in a strong, high carbon steel blade. This means you will need to have the blade oiled when stored / not used. A little bit of Olive Oil is all you need to maintain a beautiful blade for years to come. Should you neglect to care for the blade, however, it may rust. Caring for a Damascus blade is actually very simple, as many options are available to oil / lube the blade when stored or after use. But should you neglect to keep the blade clean and oiled, it can rust. If rusting was to occur, there are ways to remove it. Aside from the maintenance, a Damascus blade is very strong and durable. Many of our customers keep collections of our Damascus knives, as each blade is very unique from the next.


Hammered Steel is our second option available at and it is a beautiful style with the Hammered polish on these Stainless Steel blades. I, personally, prefer the look of Hammered Steel over Damascus (There are less of use who are fans of Hammered, most love Damascus lol). Hammered Steel is a great option for those who do not want to maintain / clean their knife after use. Our Hammered Steel looks great, and performs wonderfully. Our Hammered Steel Blades will not rust, but we do suggest cleaning the knife up after use to maintain quality. No matter what you go for, be it Damascus of Hammered, you will love the knife you ordered! We back that up with a 30 day, no questions asked, return guarantee. We as a small mom and pop shop want you to love your knife for many years to come. Whe nyou shop with you, we handle your order from start to finish. We handle all customer questions, shipping, creation / design, and more. When you buy from our shop, you are supporting an American small business, located in Michigan. We proudly offer free shipping within the United States on all orders, no minimum or maximum requirements, everything ships for free :)

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