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Antlers In The Forest - The Start of

Antlers In The Forest - The Start of

As I became more interested in the outdoors and more detached from the indoor world. I started to take random adventures in the forest with my wife and two German shepherds. We would just drive along the woods, find a spot that looked fun, and just start walking any which way we felt like. Every weekend we would go to a new spot or area to explore. We would always be sure to avoid any paths or trails, keeping to the thick woods seeking nothing more than fun exploration. Along one of our trips, my wife found a very awesome set of antlers, 5 points on each side meant these sheds were from a big buck who cruised our neck of the woods. 

 We got back home with the antlers, I loved them so much that I wanted to do something with them. I just had no idea what it was I wanted to do. We went back out the following week and my wife found yet ANOTHER antler. This one was a smaller 3 point shed, and we found only the one antler this time, no complete set. I started with this small damaged antler, and made a knife handle for a blade I was fond of. I then took two swords i displayed in my study and made antler handles for them and a wall plaque. This is what started it all. To this day my antler handle swords are displayed on my study wall as a piece of art / work that I and only I value beyond anything material I possess. 

 We enjoyed working with these raw materials and started to make jewelry, and in days we had people asking us "where did you get that?! I want one!" 

 From this point on our fun side hobby became a fun side business. We had many requests from locals for our work. Once this took off on a local scale, we started up our Etsy and eBay shop, and a month later we opened the website to make it quick and easy for people all over the USA to order our work! Within a couple of months after luckily finding that 10 point buck shed set, we became something awesome and fun! We now proudly work daily on new and unique items all one of a kind. We offer great prices on some of the wildest items you have ever seen made with antlers! 

 We proudly design creative one of a kind items to sell and ship anywhere in the USA! God bless America and warm wishes from our family to yours!

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