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Waves Of Steel - Antler, Bone, Ram Horn and Wood Handle Damascus Knives!

Waves Of Steel - Antler, Bone, Ram Horn and Wood Handle Damascus Knives!

We proudly offer many types of handmade goods, one of our most popular items is Antler handle knives, with the Damascus steel flavor! Why? Well some people love the design of the wavy / water ripple looking patterns Damascus is known for. Others know that Damascus is a very strong steel and can be used for very heavy duty tasks. Damascus vs Stainless Steel have pros and cons, we will get into that in the section below. First, let us talk about what we offer here at Artisan Bound and it may help you decide what type of knife fits your desired needs. We offer Antler, Bone, and Wood handles for our knives. All knives have both Stainless Steel and Damascus options for all three of our handle types. You will find we have a great mixture of options suited for everyone's tastes in blade and handle types.


Damascus Pros:

Very tough and durable

Beautiful Patterns, Every Blade Is One Of a Kind

Rare, You can not find these types of steel in most stores!


Damascus Cons:

Requires maintenance after use, Damascus needs to be oiled and stores to maintain a rust free long lasting blade. Oil also helps bring the wave patterns out in a more vibrant way.



Stainless Steel Pros:

Rust Proof Blade

Durable and great for general needs

No maintenance beyond normal sharpening and cleans

No Oil needs to maintain quality and durability



Stainless Steel Cons:

Widely Available At Just About Any Store

Not Unique Compared to Damascus Patterns

Not a durable / strong as Damascus Steel



So as we can see here from the pros and cons of the two types of steel, both have their ups and downs. Depending on what you seek in a knife will determine which option is best for your new handmade one of a kind knife. If you ever have any questions (with any of our products) feel free to email us at anytime! We respond within 24 hours all year round (weekends and holidays included). As a small mom and pop shop we take a lot of pride in having free rapid shipping and top notch customer support!

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