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Knife Engraving FAQ

Personalized Engraving Hammered Stainless Steel Knives - FAQ


-Can I personalize a knife at North Rustic?

-Yes, we offer Laser Engraving on our Hammered Steel Knives. This feature is offered for FREE on the North Rustic website. 


-Can I return a personalized knife?

-No, by selecting to personalize the knife with your own text / numbers you void any returns.


-What is the return policy time if I do not personalize the knife?

-We offer 60 Day Returns no questions asked on all items unless it has been personalized. We require that the item(s) is returned in the condition is was sent out in. 


-How Many Letters/Numbers can I have per knife personalized? 

-We offer up to 15 letters or numbers on Pocket Knives & 20 letters or numbers on Hunting knives. It can be name, initials, special date, etc.


-What can be personalized?

-Any of our Hammered Stainless Steel Knives may be personalized on the North Rustic website for free. There is not charge on the website for this feature. You pay nothing to personalize the knives, but you lose any possibly or returning / exchanging the knife if you have chosen to personalize it.




North Rustic offers Personalized Custom Name / Date Etching On Hammered Stainless Steel Blades. If buying from our website, this feature is offered for FREE. However, selecting this option will make the knife no longer open to returns. If you choose to personalize your Hammered Steel knife, you void our return policy. For obvious reasons, we can not accept the return as we can not resell a knife with your personalized setting.

Personalization on Knife Blades is optional as mentioned, it includes Laser Engraving Etching, with up to 8 letters or numbers on our Knives. You may select to order with Personalized Engraving or Non Personalization. If you want the knife engraved, you simply type in what you want it to say and it will be added to the order. Again. Doing so makes the knife NOT eligible for returns. 

NOTICE: If you select to personalize you void any returns. No items that have been personalized will be eligible for returns. We stress this as much as possible, because while we honor 60 day returns site wide, this does NOT apply if you select to personalize the Hammered Steel knife.