This year at North Rustic we have a few new designs and jewelry projects in the works. We have launched the 2019 year with 60 new Karambit Folding knives in Wood, Deer Antler, Ram Horn, and Bone. These models are now live and active for sale on our site. We are in the process of refining wood into full tang handle scales, these will be for Fixed Blade Hunting Karambits. We plan our next batch of knives to include 20 folding knives and 30 fixed Blade Karambit knives. We plan to do half in Olive Wood and half in Walnut Wood for this next batch or ready to ship items. 

On our Jewelry section, we have been working on Deer Antler carved pendants. This little wearable pieces of art are very unique, and require a large amount of time to finely detail these antler pendants. There are many designs to come, Wolves, Bear, Owls, Eagles, and more more animal designs will be hand carved on these pendants. Going forward, we will be offering leather and chain necklace options for our necklace selections. You will be able to select leather or chain at checkout, as well as if you want the necklace beaded or standard. 

Stay tuned with North Rustic as we move from January to Feburary. Our project are started, but we still have a couple weeks to have everything done and live. We will continue to get items active on our site as they become completed. Swing by our website at every couple days to see what is new!