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Premium Engraved Knives

Unique Folding & Hunting Knives Found No Where Else. We Offer Our Premium Knives With Free Optional Engraving.

Hammered Stainless Steel

We Have A Large Variety Of Pocket Folding & Fixed Blade Knives & Tools. Our Rustic Style Hammered Blades Are Stainless Steel And Ready For Use.

Outdoor Enthusiast

Our Handmade Engraved Knives Are Unique And Only Found At North Rustic. Perfect For Those Who Love The Outdoors And Unique Knives

Free Shipping!

Everything Offered At North Rustic Is Shipped For Free Within The USA From Our Location In Michigan. We Also Have Shipping Options For International Orders.

Folding Knives

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Deer Antler & Coyote Fang Jewelry

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