Folding Knives

What makes our Folding Knives so popular? That would be our flawless designs to fit any need! We have small pocket knives, easy to pocket for daily carry. We also have larger folding knives, that provide a larger blade and cutting edge. Our knives are made from real materials. Deer Antler, Ram Horn, Wood, Bone, Turquoise, and more. Not only are our knives stunning, they are also very durable and unrivaled in design and function. When you shop with North Rustic, you get a trusted brand with outstanding Customer Care.

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Hunting Knives

Here at North Rustic we pride ourselves on our special one of a kind items. Our Hunting Knives are unlike any you have ever seen! We offer our blade styles in both Hammered Steel and Damascus Steel. We have smaller knife options and large bowie options, ready for whatever adventure you take them on! Our knives are stunning, and fully functional for any task needed. Add some of our Hunting Knife models to your outdoors pack or your knife collection, you wont be disappointed! 

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Carved Antler Pendant Necklaces

We have some of the coolest necklace pendants you will see here at North Rustic. These pendants are all made from real Deer Antler. We have several styles available to select from, and each will come with a necklace cord/chain with your order. 

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Leaf Jewelry

North Rustic proudly offers some very unique jewelry in the form of our leaf collection. All of our Leaf Jewelry is made from real leaves. We offer leaves preserved in resin as well as leaves dipped in Gold, Silver, and Copper. Our Leaf Jewelry is truly special and is perfect for anyone who loves nature.

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Antler & Fang Jewelry

Our selection of Antler & Fang Jewelry is perfect for those who love the outdoors and tribal theme jewelry. We offer Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets in many styles. All jewelry in this collection are made of real materials such as Deer Antler, Coyote Fangs, Bison Tooth, and more.

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Crystal Pipes

The Crystal Pipes offered at North Rustic are very unique and special. We have many gemstone types to select from when shopping our Pipe selection. Our pipes measure around 4" to 5". We offer Amethyst, Quartz, Tiger Eye, Malachite, Goldstone, Obsidian, Turquoise, Opal, and more.

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AMAZING Knife! Fast shipping, my husband was very happy!

Kara S.

Got a set of Turquoise pocket knives for the groomsmen in our wedding, thank you for making a beautiful and special gift for us!

Lauren G.

My girlfriend was excited for the leaf jewelry, got her Necklace & Earrings set. Thanks for the free quick ship! I will be back :)

Ricky L.